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Life Positioning: 27 Success habits to increase your personal value

Have you ever wondered why you appear to falter at the last hurdle ? You get so far, but seem unable to master the final step to success.

Inside you will discover how Life Positioning and the 27 habits can assist you to achieve the elusive ways to succeed.

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G.R.I.T.: Spirit of an entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur ?

Do you feel something is missing ?
Ever wondered what makes the success in successful ? Grit examines and shows you the four elements that make up this elusive trait. Digging down to the root of each one. If everyone had it, there would be no losers.

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5 Keys to doing business with the right people

5 keys to doing business with the right people

Discover the 5 keys that will assist you to deal with the right business people. You will learn how to do business with people that believe in win/win. A win for you means a win for them. This book can be purchased both on Paperback and Kindle.






67quotes-sml67 Uplifting Quotes to inspire you on your journey

A collection of quotes to inspire you on your journey. No matter where you are heading or striving to achieve,we all need a pick me up from time time. This book is for you to dip in and find the quote to give you the lift up,helping hand and belief to continue on your journey.

A solitary walk can be a tonic, but with this book as your companion,your journey will become easier. Simply imagine this book as your uplifting friend,the one you can depend on. These quotes will be words of wisdom and inspiration to continue on your journey.

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avoid-business-failureHow to Avoid Business Failure

This book will show you how to spot mistakes and stop your business failing. Colin with sharp insight dispels the myths of why a business fails offers practical advice on seven powerful reasons a business fails and how to avoid them. 

The practical simple wisdom contained within this book,will lead you to greater understanding of your business. How you can leverage it's success.

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